Reading Party

May 24th, 2018

Junior Honours Reading Party

A great weekend and I will update this for next year.

Every year staff and students head off to the Highlands to meet in an informal setting. There will be a combination of fascinating talks, invigorating walks and social activities to further facilitate your integration into the School and your Honours years.

To join us, sign up by indicating your choice of either Friday October 6th/7th or Saturday October 7th/8th via the link below for 2017.

6th October – 14.30hrs St. Andrews to Newtonmore via Pitlochry

7th October – 10.30hrs St.Andrews to Newtonmore via Pitlochry & return first group leaving Newtonmore at 15.00 to St.Andrews.

8th October – 11.30hrs – Newtonmore to St.Andrews.

You’ll need to bring toiletries, a towel, appropriate outdoor clothes (we’ll all meet up on Saturday for a few miles walk, not rough ground but it can get muddy and rainy), some drinks for the evening, alcoholic or otherwise, depending on your preference.

Doodle poll link: Please add your name to the poll and select one option.

1(F4) at the top of a column means Room Number 1 has 4 females etc., Check to see whether the room is full or not before you add your name. If you are vegetarian put (V) after your name, this is an outward bound centre and has difficulties catering for more specific requests but you can email me and I will try to help.There is a fridge and cooking facilities too if you want to bring your own food, and there is a Tesco supermarket.

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Gardner (plg).

Newtonmore 2016

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Newtonmore 2015– Videos are here(they are quite large though)




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